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Since 2006, Cornerstone have specialised in providing Stamp Duty advice to a wide variety of clients, from private homeowners to commercial developers, as well as solicitors dealing with land transactions.

The introduction of the ‘3% Surcharge’ on second properties in 2016 and the confusion generated which persists to this day, starkly highlighted the scope for error in Stamp Duty payments. In light of this, we have moved to develop multiple service areas and tools to help avoid costly mistakes on current and future purchases, as well as assisting in correction of historically incorrect transactions.

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Cornerstone’s mission statement has never wavered, we established ourselves as the UK’s leading bespoke tax advisory service in 2006. Our client specialism areas include:


We advise private homeowners both on current transactions to ensure the correct SDLT is paid and historical purchases where we help to recover overpaid Stamp Duty.

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Buying your first BTL for a little extra income or as a retirement strategy or an established landlord with an extensive portfolio – we can help ensure your investment is making the right returns for you.

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Buying land with planning permission for property or acquiring blocks of flats for modernisation are just two instances where mistakes on your SDLT return can prove costly – Cornerstone can help you avoid the pitfalls and maximise your profits.

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Property Professionals

We can assist you in eliminating errors in SDLT calculations, and help examine your clients’ issues to proactively identify and remedy errors before they become an issue, or help correct them after the deal has gone through.

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Cornerstone Tax

If you’re a homebuyer, solicitor or agent and require pre or post-transactional advice then please contact us and one of our property tax advisors will be delighted to help.

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Overpaid Stamp Duty Land Tax?

Contact our specialist SDLT Refunds division.

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Thinking of buying a second home? Bought a property with an annexe for elderly relatives? House has land which extends beyond just the gardens or even has commercial use or outbuildings? These are just some of the scenarios in which homeowners often inadvertently find themselves with a bigger Stamp Duty bill than they should. We can help ensure you don’t get caught out by these mistakes, leaving you with more money in your pocket.

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Whether you’re a first time landlord looking to supplement your income or an experienced professional with an extensive portfolio, when you make property your business, you need to ensure that it’s paying the right bills – yours. With the continuing confusion over the 3% surcharge, the complexity of the legislation and the new non-resident surcharge adding to the issues, it’s worth speaking to us to ensure you’re paying the right Stamp Duty and that your business isn’t inadvertently paying more than its share.

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Maybe you’re buying a plot of land with permission to build flats, office buildings or both. Or you’re converting an existing building for new use, or a vacant commercial lot to renovate into a new set of shops. Whatever the project, Stamp Duty probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. Speak to us and that doesn’t have to change – we’ll sweat the details on SDLT while you get to concentrate on the stuff you need to, while making significant savings (anywhere up to the millions of pounds) thanks to our advice.

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Property Professional

All professionals involved in property from solicitors, to Finance to Agents can benefit from our sympathetic and specialised advice and assistance, tailored to their needs by team which includes tax advisers and retired solicitors. We can also help in auditing previous case files to ensure any errors are proactively found and dealt with. Financial advisers and estate agents can benefit from referring their clients to our advice, ensuring they approach purchases fully and accurately informed as to their liabilities. All will see a significant increase in client satisfaction and a corresponding boost to their reputations in a competitive marketplace where word of mouth is everything.

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Investing in property for your retirement?

Contact our specialist team of chartered tax advisers.

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SDLT overpayments are making the headlines, as thousands of homeowners are left reeling incorrect SDLT calculations.

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What our clients say

Friendly staff and a fast, efficient process

Great experience, Cornerstone dealt with my request swiftly. Staff are friendly and responsive. The whole process was very efficient due to the use of online systems for document signing and fee payments. Thank you all for your help.

John Veness

Stamp Duty, the difficult tax made easy

An excellent experience from a very busy company. Advice was concise and understandable in a difficult subject. In fact a minefield. Thanks for all your help and hopefully all your clients can have the same level of service.

Iain Johnston

Excellent & Professional Service

I am very thankful to Cornerstone Tax Advisers, especially Aamirah Tayob for assisting me with my SDLT refund. Throughout the process Aamirah guided me and has been very helpful, supportive and prompt in her replies. I would definitely recommend Cornerstone for their transparent and professional services. Thank you Aamirah and the entire team for all your support and cooperation.

Khalid Shahnawaz

Multiple Dwelling Relief Advise and Help

We sought help from Cornerstone Tax for an SDLT relief - Multiple Dwelling Relief. It is a matter several mortgage advisors and solicitors claimed they had little idea. However, Mr Mehmod Anvarmia from Cornerstone helped us with the matter. Right from the first conversation, he gave us enormous confidence about our case, kept us dutifully informed all through the process, and ensured we successfully claimed the relief sooner and better than we had expected. World-class service by Mehmod and Cornerstone. Thanks again!!

karthik k

Great service from Mehmod at Cornerstone

Mehmod at Cornerstone was extremely helpful and patient and knowledgeable, going over things a number of times on the telephone, before providing expert advice in a written document, which has proved invaluable. We would definitely use Cornerstone again in the future, and Mehmod in particular, as he went above and beyond in providing us with tax advice.

Nico Mensinga

I am very grateful to Sam Child for his help

I am very grateful to Sam Child for his help. All was done in no time with a brilliant attitude to the client. Cannot praise and recommend him enough.

Olena Tyshchenko

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