Buying a new home. Expanding your investment portfolio. Re-structuring your company. Looking at your pension options. These important decisions, which will impact you and your loved ones, deserve better than a boilerplate solution.

Whether it’s looking for the most efficient way to structure a purchase, dealing with planning for the security of your future and that of your family, looking at reclaims of historic overpayments of tax to HMRC or simply ensuring you’re paying the correct amount of tax on your new acquisition, we are here to help.

With access to the most cutting-edge solutions in a challenging and ever-changing field, and the very best technical and legal minds available, Cornerstone can ensure that when it comes to Capital Gains,  Inheritance Tax and everything in between, compromise is the one thing you will never have to do.

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If you’re a homebuyer, solicitor or agent and require pre or post-transactional advice then please contact us and one of our property tax advisors will be delighted to help.

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