A Family Investment Company (FIC) structure is a tax efficient vehicle for making long term investments, allowing your investment assets to grow in a lower tax environment. This structure is suitable for protecting “family wealth” – investment assets held as shares, securities, property, cash etc.

It allows accumulated family wealth to be retained by the family for the long-term, and also allows it to be used flexibly to benefit children and grandchildren in the future. It may be particularly suitable where there is a desire to prevent the next generation from dissipating family wealth, or to protect it generally for the children and grandchildren against any unforeseen future issues.

A Family Investment Company allows your family investments to benefit from corporation tax rates, which continue to fall and are significantly lower than personal tax rates.

It must be noted that a Family Investment Company is not necessarily suitable to all circumstances, and there are additional factors and costs associated with setting up a limited company. These will be fully explained to any client as part of our comprehensive personalised advice.

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