You’ll spend hours with your mortgage broker going over every detail of your finances and having every nuance of the loan explained to you.

Your solicitor will produce a report hundreds of pages long which to tell you details like whether there are coal mines in the area, where the nearest landfill is, and so on.

Your Estate Agent will bombard you with information about the property to sell it to you, from the local school provision to council tax and when the bins get taken away.

And in all that time, it’s likely that barely any time at all will be spent on a tax that could see you make a significant overpayment if it’s assessed incorrectly.

It’s highly likely nobody will tell you about the 49 (at the moment) exemptions, exceptions and reliefs relating to Stamp Duty Land Tax, like Multiple Dwellings Relief, Mixed Use, etc.

It’s equally likely they won’t investigate whether any of those may apply to your purchase.

The Stamp Duty Calculator provided by HMRC and used by all these people is severely limited, and will also not take note of these various possibilities in producing its all important number. It’s small wonder that as many as one in four purchasers may have overpaid stamp duty in the U.K.

Happily, there’s an answer. Provide us with the information you did get, and we’ll quickly be able to establish the correct Stamp Duty payable on your purchase.

After that, it’s a simple case of either providing that information to your solicitor on a current purchase, to ensure you make the correct payment, or providing it to HMRC to explain why you are due a refund of overpaid tax.

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