Why these types don’t Pay SDLT

Posted 07th December 2023 by ctatax-admin

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Quite apart from the fact that our old friend flipper the dolphin doesn’t actually need a house in the UK, there is another aspect to this.

“Flippers” is another term for “Property Traders” – Companies that buy houses and, almost, immediately sell on properties usually at a profit. What is little appreciated is that certain kinds of flippers qualify for 100% SDLT relief!

Why would this be the case?

Well it’s not all about immediately sub selling (known as “back to back” sales) but, rather, there are 4 specific reliefs which apply to Flippers namely purchasing:

  • To restore a broken chain
  • From the personal representatives of a deceased person
  • A part exchange property from somebody who is buying a “new” home*
  • From somebody who’s relocating their employment**

* Also applies to developers ** Also applies to employers

Subject only to certain limits on refurbishment expenditure and area of land acquired all qualify for a 100% relief from SDLT

Climate Change and Flipper

In the current economic climate, it may well be that chances exist to acquire properties in any of the above circumstances and proper advice should be sought before the transaction to ensure that you don’t miss out on what is potentially one of the most valuable reliefs available in SDLT today.

Give us a (Dolphin) whistle and something might click

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